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About Pearldrop

Pearldrop was founded in January 2003, and we create video content for internationally prominent brands and individuals as well as major corporations and SMEs. We originally worked mainly in the entertainment sector, where our YouTube videos regularly achieved top-of-the-list status for Most Watched Video of the Day and Month. In 2009, spotting a gap in the market, we decided to bring the lessons we’d learned working in entertainment to the corporate sector, with the goal of making corporate video exciting and approachable. Since then, we have developed long-standing relationships with clients like GlaxoSmithKline, Sage Publishing and more recently Elsevier (two of the world’s largest academic publishing houses), and international high-end shirt retailer Thomas Pink (amongst many others). We deliver a wide range of video content for these types of organisations, from customer-facing viral marketing campaigns to high-quality internal training and health and safety packages.

To develop our key service offering, we have gathered together a core team of skilled professionals and associated suppliers, from freelance crew to high-quality performers and presenters. We are able to provide in-house creative, project-management, filming and editing services, drawing from our large resource of production equipment and knowledge. We can offer high-end graphics creation as well as delivery for web, DVD, mobile and broadcast. We recognised early on that the delivery of our service was based on two factors: 1) the quality of our film production, and 2) the quality of our customer service and project management. With this in mind, you’ll always have a senior account manager as your main point of contact, and we’ll keep you constantly updated with our progress both in person and electronically, through dynamically-updated spreadsheets shared via the cloud.

What we can do for you

We're a full-service video production and stills agency. As well as our broadcast-quality video production service, we can shoot studio-quality stills at our base in Stevenage, as well as location photography for your next big event or company profile. All the packages we offer include:

  • initial creative meetings
  • a full exploration of your needs and desired outcomes
  • provision of creative ideas to fit your brief (usually we'll submit at least two different creative approaches for you to choose from)
  • production management of the chosen concept, including booking venues and actors
  • arranging times for members of your company to take part in the shoot (if required) - note that we can handle all areas of organisation, so that all you have to do is supply is with the names of the key people involved, and we'll do the rest
  • all filmmaking equipment and crew necessary for the shoot
  • all editing and other post-production work, including in-house animation and voice-over
  • final delivery of files
  • assistance with uploading your video to YouTube and other video-sharing platforms
  • advice on integrating your new video content into your social media strategy

Our equipment

We've invested heavily over the years to expand our collection of the highest-quality filmmaking equipment. We use movie cameras that provide suitable footage for HD broadcast tv playout, and which also provide the highest-quality viewing experience on the web. We use broadcast-quality lighting and sound equipment, and we employ all the same production techniques that you'll find on a Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster movie set (although perhaps our budgets are a little smaller). We'll always do our very best to make you look fantastic, and to provide flattering and lighting and compositions. The day we leave our lights in the car is the day we quit the filmmaking business! Here's a run-down of our equipment:

  • Sony FS700 movie camera (capable of 5-times-slower-than-reality super-slo-mo)
  • Blackmagic Production Camera 4k (capable of shooting at massive 4k resolution)
  • Canon 5D mkII stills and video camera (used on all our stills shoots, and able to provide print resolution all the way up to billboard-sized).
  • A range of Canon and Sigma lenses, including the much-drooled-over Canon 70-200L USM (the big one, which makes you look like a pap but shoots the most flattering portraits you'll ever see)
  • Studio and location lighting including Rifa lights, Arri floods and spots, Dedolite spots and flourescent floods.
  • Rode shotgun and radio mic heads, as well as boompoles, shock-mounts and all the other paraphernalia of the soundie, including dead cats and dead mice (ask us about these on the shoot!)
  • Steadicam, dolly and jib

Production Photos


It's January 2016, and Pearldrop is hiring! We're expanding rapidly at the moment. As a result, we're looking for a Head of Production, as well as some regular freelancers. Find out more here.

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