Case study

Conidia Bioscience - Fuelstat training package

Slide The client For 20 years Conidia Bioscience has supported the development, manufacture and supply of fuel tests into aviation, marine and land diesel sectors. Slide The brief Our task was to create two training films using a mixture of animation, live footage and screen capture to show users 1) how to use the test kit and 2) how to use the app associated with the test.

The films were critical to ensure tests were being done correctly and the results were being read and recorded correctly. The Conidia team were keen to be able to have content to send to their world-wide clients to reduce the time and cost of travel for training purposes.

Once we'd completed the two training films, Conidia then commissioned us to create a promotional film for the app.
Slide The outcome For the main training film, we spent a day in the Pearldrop studio filming the testing process with the Conidia team (one of whom was the model who appears in the final content.)

In post-production, we created animations to highlight each step, to accompany the real-life footage. We also integrated some existing content from Conidia, and then overlaid a voiceover from one of our in-house artistes.

For the app training film, we screen-captured the app running on an iPhone and edited the results together with some of the footage from the original shoot. We then added a voiceover recorded by our in-house artiste.

Finally, for the promo film, for inspiration we used an element of Conidia's artwork - the roundel that appears over many of their images. We aniamted the roundel so that it became a central visual element as well as a transition.

Watch the videos


Fuelstat training video


Fuelstat app promo


Fuelstat app training video