Case study

Croft Communications - The Entire History of World Communication

Slide The client Croft Communications is a pioneering communications technology company who offer innovative solutions to organisations across the UK – ensuring they save money, can work flexibly, and increase mobility and productivity.

They are a one-stop-shop for all your business connectivity needs, from super-fast broadband to business phones and hosted telephony.
Slide The brief The task was to create exciting and fun film content to highlight to potential customers how Croft can support them with their communication dilemmas.

As this project took place during the Covid-19 lockdown, we had video-call meetings to discuss the brief, messaging and creative options and animation. It really proved that you can still work creatively together without being in the same room.
Slide The outcome After suggesting a number of creative options to Croft, we agreed on a 2.5 minute animation showing Communication Through the Ages. The viewer sees a number of scenes from yesteryear depicting inefficient communication methods of that time and ending with Croft Communications being today’s perfect solution. We ensured each scene had a sense of humour but critically still conveyed their key messages. Slide The results The animation was added to Croft’s YouTube channel and posted out on LinkedIn. Croft were so delighted with the end result that they decided to use imagery from the animation on physical banners as well as wall art in the Croft offices.

The film is now just one part of a much larger campaign and there are exciting future plans for the characters in the animation.

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