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Video is a fantastic way to provide training for your staff and customers. The science tells us that people remember something they’ve seen in a video far better than something they’ve simply read. Don’t believe us? Check out Dale’s Cone of Experience for more information.

Show your customers how to use your products. Create how-to videos that demonstrate your knowledge of your products and your market, and that will help boost you up the Google rankings. Make internal training videos that show your staff the best way to go about critical processes and ensure that everyone gets the same training, time after time.

We can either work with your own staff to train them to be presenters, or we can find professional actors to help to tell your stories. Depending on the type of video, we can either film at your premises, on location somewhere else or in our studio in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. We can help with every aspect of the production, including: the initial creative approach; writing the script; drawing storyboards; running the shoot; provideing professional actors and voiceover artists; editing and polishing the final production and creating great, eye-catching graphics.

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