Nigel Adams, Owner,

I have now used Simon, Denise and the Pearldrop Productions twice and on both occasions they have come back with something of the very highest quality. The production values that they achieve are really exceptional - and I used to work in the advertising industry - and they also have a really creative take on a client's brief coming back with fresh ideas that have helped me present my rather different business concept clearly and with originality. I can't recommend them highly enough.

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Michael Carmichael, Publisher, SAGE Publications Ltd

I worked with Pearldrop as leader of the publishing team on the fourth edition of Andy Field’s Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics and I wouldn’t hesitate on either using them again or recommending them to other clients. At the time we needed to create some videos that truly elevated the brand of the author; his personality; that of the textbook; and our MobileStudy product that was being released for the first time. I found Denise and Simon at Pearldrop to be extremely helpful, not only in helping us to find video solutions to questions that we had (and helping us frame those questions upfront), but also in their flexibility to make edits and changes to video content at even a late stage in the process.

They completely won Andy Field over, spending a whole day with him, and assisting in his creative process through direction and excellent insights. The overall package of videos was of a very high standard, looked very modern, and 100% captured the vision that I/we had set out for them.

Shahrukh Faridi, Senior Inside Sales Rep, SAGE Publications Ltd

It was an absolute pleasure working with Pearldrop. They are very friendly and very professional. I worked on a project with Pearldrop only recently and found them to be very quick to arrange meetings etc. They work with you to deliver the project on time. Things happen fast and right in the very first briefing meeting you can see progress. They’d let you put all your ideas on the table, understand what the objective of the project is and then quickly to evolve from that and suggest many creative concepts. That is when you can see how experienced and creative they are. Immediately you’ve a few concepts to choose from. They also have good actors/models if you need them in your video.

Graphics and quality of the video was excellent and very contemporary. Good thing is they keep you well up to date through every phase of the project and you feel like in complete control. Everyone in the office loved their work. I found their charges very reasonable as well. Many thanks to them once again.

Wing Commander Tal Lambert MBE, Soldiering On Through Life Trustee and Chairman

Pearldrop have provided the Soldiering On Through Life Trust with outstanding support at various events from International Award ceremonies to private functions over the past three years. Their professionalism with the camera is matched only by their ability to make changes as required and their considered interview technique puts all at ease and achieves incredible results. Thank-you all for your continued support and being part of our extended 'military family'.

Philip Ewen, Director, Digital, Goode International Limited

Guys, these are really good. The client is very pleased and so am I - you've taken what could have been a rather complex and time consuming process and simplified it and made it very easy - well done and thank you.