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We love using video to help your business

We increase website leads, maximize revenue and produce a positive ROI,
validated with measurable results.

Create and share stories.

Our mission is to enable our customers to spread their messages successfully and reach their business goals through the creation of meaningful, thought-provoking and eye-catching video content.

Passion and innovation

We bring creativity, passion, detail, innovation, respect, collaboration and dedication to every project. Our team is packed full of creative thinkers who love to use their story-telling skills in new and innovative ways.

An extension of your company

We are proud of our work. Our attention to detail in the service we provide our clients is of upmost importance to us. When we make a video for you, we’re an extension of your company. We want to make sure we represent you in the best possible way.

Our usual workflow

1. Explore
We'll discuss your video project in full and – crucially - agree your goals
3. The Go-ahead
You tell us which creative concept you'd like to choose and we're ready to start
5. Pre-production
We plan the shoot with you. We'll create a script and storyboard or shotlist, if required. We'll book the venues and the performers
7. Editing and post-production
We'll create a first cut of your video and send it to you. We'll then make further cuts based on your feedback
2. Creative pitch
We'll produce a number of exciting creative concepts for you to consider
4. Terms agreed
Terms are agreed and contracts and signed – everyone is happy and knows what’s expected of them throughout the project
6. Movie magic!
Movie magic happens. Either your shoot takes place, or we start work on your animation
8. Sign-off
Once signed off, we'll send you the final video files and thumbnails. We'll also help you to share your video with the world
Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that clients often ask us at the beginning of the process.

Will I have to appear in my video?
Only if you want to. There are lots of different styles of video that we can create for you, beyond the basic interview. We can provide actors and presenters. We could just use a voiceover, so no one from your company needs to speak at all. Or we could create an animation, so that no one from your company even needs to appear. Ultimately, we want you to feel comfortable.
Will I have to manage the project?
Only if you want to. We always supply an in-house project manager as part of any project with you. Our PM can take control of every aspect of the production, if required.
Will you create a storyboard
Sometimes. It's tempting to think that every production needs a storyboard. But often, all that's required is a written list of shots. We usually create a spreadsheet that splits the script up into shots and voiceover/wording sections, ready for you to sign off. Sometimes a storyboard is useful, though. On those occasions, we use an amazing piece of software that allows us create draft scenes with people and objects, and even animate camera moves.
Will I have to write the script?
You can if you like. But usually, if there's going to be a script, we'll write it for you. All you have to do is supply is with the key bullet points you'd like to be included. Then we'll write a first draft of the script, and work on it with you from there.
What if I say something wrong in my interview?
During your interview, we'll always give you the opportunity to have another go at answering a question. Our prime directive is to give you the opportunity took look and sound your absolute best. If that means taking two or three goes to get a question right, then that's fine. And don't forget that once we get to the editing stage, there are all sorts of tricks we can use to cut out and cover unwanted sections of dialogue.
What about GDPR?
GDPR is clearly a complex subject. For us, there are several key factors. We'll always protect your likeness and personal details. We'll never sell on your data to third parties. And on shoots, we'll ask anyone who appears in the video to sign a consent form.

Got a different question? Contac us for more information.